Monday, November 16, 2009

Wine, dine and romance on a Sydney Harbour Cruise

It’s Christmastime and the New Year’s almost here! This is the time you think of your loved ones the most.

What gifts would you buy them? How would you spend some invaluable time with them? What exclusive occasion would you organise for them to be remembered for the rest of the year?
Would you (but then who wouldn’t?) love to steal away from the hustle and bustle of daily routine to a special place with a special person and then treasure those special moments in your hearts for the rest of your lives?

Good time spent in good company over good wine and good food would be the most memorable of all gifts! There are restaurants galore in Sydney that cater to all kinds - in quality of both food and ambience. But none of them can give your occasion that romantic feel as the Cruising Restaurants of Sydney who offer lunch, dinner and special event cruises around the Sydney Harbour!

The wine, the food and the ambience in the setting of the beautiful harbour give your perfect love story just that right touch of fantasy, not to mention the music!

So what would be your choice? A cosy lunch or a romantic dinner on a boat that cruises lazily across the waters of the harbour in careless abandon?

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