Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When’s the best time to visit Sydney?

The New Year’s Eve, of course!

The New Year’s Eve celebrations around the Sydney Harbour are the best in the world. Sydney New Year’s Eve is famous for its fireworks and the light decorations on the Sydney Harbour Bridge that display a specific message every year!
There are several other reasons too as to why it is best to visit Sydney during New Year’s Eve.

Sydney’s celebrations of the New Year precede those of most of the other major cities of the world, as Sydney is ahead of them in time.

In Sydney, New Year’s Eve is right in the middle of summer and so the weather is quite pleasant and comfortable enough to let you stay up the whole night and watch the spectacular fireworks as well as dance well into the New Year!

A cruise boat on the Sydney Harbour that is also part of the Harbour of Light Parade gives the best New Year’s Eve experience in the world. The best views of the light decorations of the Harbour Bridge and those of the Opera House and other prominent buildings are from the deck of a cruise boat. The cruise boats sail past these iconic structures allowing views from different angles. The fireworks on the Harbour Bridge are seen closest from a cruise boat that is part of the Parade which is just another reason to be on the cruise boat! Besides, one can dine and dance away into the dawn of the New Year!

There is a small catch here, however! The bookings for New Year’s Eve boat cruises begin early in the year. Sometimes the seats are sold out months in advance!
So make a dash for it, you could be just lucky!

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  1. I wuz there! Like 2 years back.
    Sat in the scorching sun for 9 freakin hours with close to a million people awaiting the clock to strike 12 =)