Thursday, November 19, 2009

The irresistible beaches of Sydney

Any time is beach time in Sydney except during extreme winter. Its climate being warm generally, what with the sun shining bright sometimes even in winter, Sydney attracts people to its beaches throughout the year. Sydney has both ocean beaches and harbour beaches. Of its beaches, Bondi, Coogee and Manly are the most popular both internationally and locally.

Sydney is lined with beaches on the east. Indeed, wherever you may be in Sydney, you are never far away from a beach, except if you are in the far west. There lies a string of beaches from Palm Beach in the north to Cronulla in the south, facing the pacific. On the western side, across Pittwater, lie the Great Mackerel Beach and the Currawong Beach.

The harbour is the greatest attraction in Sydney and along the foreshores of the harbour stretch the Redleaf, Nielsen Park, Parsley Bay and Camp Cove beaches. Though without surf, these beaches are still highly frequented. Lady Jane and Obelisk are nudist beaches on the Sydney harbour. These are but a few of the irresistible beaches of Sydney!

Folks in Sydney just love the sea, the sun and the sand. Come leisure time, they head straight for the beach. Of course, beaches in Sydney offer endless opportunities for interesting activities! The main things to do would be surfing, skiing, sunbathing and playing beach games. Scuba diving, if you are the adventurous kind, or fishing, if you are not so, are some of the other activities. There are trendy restaurants and boutiques and immense opportunities for nightlife on the Sydney beaches. And don’t resist, just give in to the temptation of a barbeque on the beach!

To put in a nutshell, without enjoying the Sydney beaches, the Aussie experience would never be complete!

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