Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sydney Harbour Earth Hour Dinner Cruise

There is no place like the Sydney Harbour in Sydney during the night hours – and that’s especially true for the Earth Hour! And there’s no better place than a plush cruising restaurant to enjoy the unique experience of the Earth Hour!

On 27th March of 2010, as lights go down for the Earth Hour all over the world, the business houses and homes around the Sydney Harbour will also contribute their teeny bit to save the world. The lights around the Sydney Harbour will go down at 8:30 pm to come slowly back alive at 9:30 pm.

Why not enjoy the solemn occasion by being at the harbour to watch the beauty of the Sydney Harbour in a whole new light? In the light of a shining moon and countless number of twinkling stars strewn across a dark, deep sky! And the amazing reflection of the moonlight and the stars on the shimmering harbour waters! A dark night reflecting its true beauty without the interventions of human art!

Though the shoreline and the waterfront locales are good venues, there is no better setting than a gorgeous cruising restaurant to enjoy the enchantment of the night during the Earth Hour! Make it a romantic rendezvous with a fine dining experience on a special beautiful night that comes, alas, just once a year! Great wine and good food with choice seafood would just make it the night of nights!

And don’t miss the rare spectacle of the Sydney Harbour slowly lighting up after the Earth Hour!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sail on a wave of romance this Valentine’s Day!

Delicious food, the finest wine and beautiful romantic music to dance with your valentine!

Spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour, the leisure of a cruise, its luxurious comfort and loveful languor!

Not to mention champagne, roses and chocolates!

What more would you want on your Valentine’s Day?

And what if you had it all on your Valentine’s Day?

If you sweethearts are really dreaming of all this for your Valentine’s Day, all you need to do is this.

Just descend from your daydreams and book two seats on the best Sydney Harbour Cruise available!

Seats are fast selling out so you had better make a dash for it!

And then promptly climb back on to your romantic dream cloud and wait for that very special day!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sydney Harbour - a seaplane view and a cruise boat experience

Sydney Harbour looks equally beautiful from the sky as well as from the deck of a boat.

A seaplane can give one a bird’s eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in the setting of the sparkling blue waters of the harbour and the beautiful city around it! The magnificent string of beaches that adorn the coastline of Sydney present a strikingly pretty picture from a seaplane.

A lazy cruise around the Sydney Harbour, gliding past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as well as Fort Denison and the innumerable bays and sightseeing spots, whether by day or by night, is however an interesting as well as romantic experience. There are luxury cruise boats that pamper you with their comfort and spoil you with their food and wine. These cruises offer entertainment with dance and music as well. You can stroll across the deck and feel the cool breeze in your hair. If you are aboard an evening cruise, you can compare the twinkling stars with the dazzling city lights and be ever confused which is prettier!

While the views from a seaplane can be breathtaking, the experience of the harbour from aboard a cruise boat is exceptional! So why not enjoy the Sydney Harbour from both - a seaplane as well as a cruise boat!