Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Party Dinner Cruises

In Sydney, Christmas is in summer, and the best time of the year in Sydney begins several weeks before Christmas.

One can feel and breathe the spirit of Christmas in the air! Every corner and every street of the city and every shop window reminds one of Christmas! One may find a Santa cab driver with a Christmas tree set up in the boot of his cab and the entire interior of the cab made to look like valleys of snow with fluffy white cotton and other accessories! The shops sport, in addition to Santa caps and robes, Santa gowns, Santa dresses, Santa swimming trunks and even Santa bikinis!

Sydney Harbour, as at all times, is the most happening and the most attractive place in Sydney around Christmas too! The pubs, restaurants and shopping centres on the waterfront buzz with Christmas specials. The sparkling harbour is all the more so during Christmas time! A cruise on the harbour gives one the best of the harbour experiences with its spectacular views and a peek into the busy hubs around the harbour.

Board a luxury dinner cruise to make the most of the harbour experience. If you are planning to throw a party for Christmas, hire a deck on the catamaran Magistic Cruises or the paddle wheeler Sydney Showboats. Or hire the entire boat if you have a big group or if you wish for more exclusivity.

A party cruise on the harbour would be the best Christmas gift your family and friends ever enjoyed!