Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sydney Christmas - a feast of fish

In Sydney, it’s Christmas time and it’s summer! There’s neither snow nor snowman, and the Santa doesn’t come riding on his sleigh. Besides, who would want to stay indoors and roast the turkey when the weather’s warm and the outdoors inviting! Even the Santa is visualised as waterskiing, surfboarding, sunbathing and sporting trendy swimming trunks!

Australians generally prefer fish for their Christmas feast and not the traditional roast turkey. Indeed it is traditional to eat fish for Christmas in Australia! In Sydney, the Fish Markets in Blackwattle Bay are crowded with people shopping for fish during Christmas time. A Christmas feast in Sydney is typically a feast of fish, or rather seafood.

Christmas parties, lunches and dinners organised across the city of Sydney also offer seafood in its varied forms and kinds. In fact, the leading restaurants and other eating places in Sydney and around the Sydney Harbour vie with each other in serving a wide variety of delicious seafood which the harbour is famous for!

There are Christmas party cruises operated around the Sydney Harbour during this season. People enjoy these cruises which give them a respite from their usual mundane activities and from the arduous task of preparing the Christmas feast!Magistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats offer Christmas party cruises where vast spreads of choice seafood is freshly prepared onboard and presented with five-star flourish!

Little wonder Christmas is a celebration of seafood, summer and the great outdoors in Sydney!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sydney Harbour cruise - A Sydney Showboat experience

Being in Sydney and not being to Sydney Harbour or on a harbour cruise is a sheer waste of a vacation for the Sydney tourist and an injustice to oneself, if one is a Sydneysider. A cruise around the beautiful harbour past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House is in itself an experience of a lifetime.

Cruises around Sydney Harbour are available aplenty – Matilda Cruises, Magistic Cruises and many more t o mention. Magistic Cruises - are known for their superior ambience, fine quality dining experience and personal attention to guests.

However, cruises like those on the Sydney Showboats provide not only superior dining quality and ambience, but also live entertainment such as cabaret, DJ music and dance, and magic! Sydney Showboats are also known for the attention and care rendered by their staff to the guests. Right from the moment they are welcomed aboard, through the entire course of the cruise till they are returned ashore, the visitors receive fabulous treatment!

Add to all this the sheer exhilaration of sailing, and one would find a Sydney Showboat cruise a unique, incredible experience! They offer special cruises in December for celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve. There are cruises with spectacular cabaret shows and live jazz bands! So hurry up and book your seats lest you should be late and have to wait another year for this fantastic experience!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney

Have you ever been for the New Year’s in Sydney? The fireworks on the New Year’s Eve in Sydney are as famous as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is one of the events the world watches the most over the wires. You see it once and you know why!

The display happens in two stages – the Family Fireworks at 9 p.m. and the Midnight Fireworks.

What makes the fireworks so impressive is the “bridge effect” as the Sydneysiders casually call it. Every year the fireworks display has a meaningful theme and last year it was “creation.” The sun that was displayed on the Harbour Bridge during the fireworks, as witnessed by the whole world, was spectacular to say the least!
Fireworks are set off from the bridge, nearby buildings and barges on either side of the harbour to form a bright colourful message. There are fireworks launched from roadways too, and eco-friendly pyrotechnics is used for this massive display.

The best way to see the fireworks is to be onboard a cruise boat. From the boat, one can see the display and the lightings around the whole of the harbour from the best of angles. Magistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats provide great dining luxury with extensive deck area from where one can watch the colourful explosion that lights up the Sydney skies! These boats are also part of the Harbour of Light Parade, another spectacular display event on the harbour on the New Year’s Eve.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't cook, just party this Christmas!

This Christmas, have a lot of fun and only fun! Enjoy the love and the sharing! Give in to temptation – bask in the general festive spirit! Spend a lot of time with your loved ones and feel happy for the good things to come! For that is what Christmas is all about anyway!

This year enjoy Christmas without the encumbrances of planning and preparing. And shop only for gifts and not for the kitchen! Choose one of the umpteen options in and around Sydney to celebrate Christmas. Or just go for the best of them all – a Christmas cruise!
Indulge in the luxury of quality dining while gliding leisurely on the waters of the Sydney Harbour, and watch the world’s most beautiful icons and Sydney’s famous landmarks parade past you in a sashay!

There are Christmas Party Lunch Cruises, Christmas Party Dinner Cruises and Christmas Party Extended Cruises offered by Magistic Cruises with quality buffet and wine - and unlimited at that - with discounts for group bookings. For more exclusivity you can organise a private deck party or even hire a whole boat for the party.
The Christmas Party Lunch Cruises and Christmas Party Dinner Cruises offered by the Sydney Showboats are spectacular packages with live entertainment such as cabaret shows and live bands.

Gift yourselves a special gift for this Christmas – a Christmas cruise – and party on this Christmas like never before!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When the nation stops on Melbourne Cup Day

Australians not only in Australia but all over the world stop to watch and follow the Melbourne Cup, the famous thoroughbred horse race held on the Flemington Racecourse annually on the first Tuesday of November.

While folks from all walks of the society throng the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, people outside Melbourne watch the race on television. In New Zealand, the major tracks show the race live on large screens and people engage in heavy betting. In fact, Melbourne Cup is known to be the biggest betting event in New Zealand!

Sydney is alive on the Melbourne Cup Day and people generally are upbeat with lots of celebrations, partying, watching the race on television and betting. Fashion shows are held prior to the race to heighten the spirits of the celebration and warm up for the race.

There are exciting cruises around the Sydney Harbour that keep up the spirit of the day as well as augments the anticipation for and the excitement of the race. The Pre-Melbourne Cup Lunch Cruise operated by the Magistic Cruises around the Sydney Harbour is such a one that takes you around the beautiful harbour and returns you in time for the thrill of the race!

The MYERS Fashions on the Field held during the Melbourne Cup Carnival is actually only a link in the long chain of parades that are held throughout Australia during different events in the quest for the best dressed women of Australia!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diwali cruise

This Diwali, if you are in Sydney and you don’t want to miss any of the works – the jewellery, the finery, the Indian food, music and dance - don’t fret. You can have all of it and more on a Diwali cruise around the Sydney Harbour!

Enjoy the festival in its entire Indian flavour on the shimmering waters of the Sydney Harbour! With the lights of the night reflecting on the waves of the Sydney Harbour, the Festival of Lights will take on a distinctively brighter radiance!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hopping islands and walking bridges

How would you like to hop a few islands just for the heck of it? If you are game, October is the time and Sydney is the place for it. This is just one of the incredible and amusing events that are part of Crave Sydney. Sydney Harbour Island Hopping is an event where a hopper ferry will take you visiting several islands around Sydney Harbour in one day. The islands too gear up to match the occasion and the mood. While Fort Denison presents you with an array of delicious food, Clark Island gives you a taste of its art and culture and Garden Island lets you a glimpse into their naval history. Shark Island takes the form of a land of wonder and fantasy - a world of unrestrained imagination! Rodd Island will have fabulous music playing in its dance hall where you can dance away a few hours with your partners and friends at the Tea Dance. And then when you stop to rest your tired feet, you can have a light-hearted chat or a tete-a-tete over a cup of tea. For more of cruising fun, go for the cruises around Sydney Harbour that serve you food and wine, and loads of entertainment full of music, dance and magic.

Or are you the outdoors kind? The kind who can make your own fun? Then go for the Perfect Picnic at Clark Island and enjoy the day your own way! The Seven Bridges Walk is yet another option if you are the rugged, sporting kind. This is a community walking event that takes place on October 25, a Sunday, involving the famous bridges of Sydney, and the participants can choose their own start and finish time anywhere between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from any of the seven villages along the course of the walk. The funds raised from this healthy endeavour goes to charities that support health causes, such as beyondblue, Diabetes Australia NSW, Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation NSW.