Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't cook, just party this Christmas!

This Christmas, have a lot of fun and only fun! Enjoy the love and the sharing! Give in to temptation – bask in the general festive spirit! Spend a lot of time with your loved ones and feel happy for the good things to come! For that is what Christmas is all about anyway!

This year enjoy Christmas without the encumbrances of planning and preparing. And shop only for gifts and not for the kitchen! Choose one of the umpteen options in and around Sydney to celebrate Christmas. Or just go for the best of them all – a Christmas cruise!
Indulge in the luxury of quality dining while gliding leisurely on the waters of the Sydney Harbour, and watch the world’s most beautiful icons and Sydney’s famous landmarks parade past you in a sashay!

There are Christmas Party Lunch Cruises, Christmas Party Dinner Cruises and Christmas Party Extended Cruises offered by Magistic Cruises with quality buffet and wine - and unlimited at that - with discounts for group bookings. For more exclusivity you can organise a private deck party or even hire a whole boat for the party.
The Christmas Party Lunch Cruises and Christmas Party Dinner Cruises offered by the Sydney Showboats are spectacular packages with live entertainment such as cabaret shows and live bands.

Gift yourselves a special gift for this Christmas – a Christmas cruise – and party on this Christmas like never before!

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