Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sydney Christmas - a feast of fish

In Sydney, it’s Christmas time and it’s summer! There’s neither snow nor snowman, and the Santa doesn’t come riding on his sleigh. Besides, who would want to stay indoors and roast the turkey when the weather’s warm and the outdoors inviting! Even the Santa is visualised as waterskiing, surfboarding, sunbathing and sporting trendy swimming trunks!

Australians generally prefer fish for their Christmas feast and not the traditional roast turkey. Indeed it is traditional to eat fish for Christmas in Australia! In Sydney, the Fish Markets in Blackwattle Bay are crowded with people shopping for fish during Christmas time. A Christmas feast in Sydney is typically a feast of fish, or rather seafood.

Christmas parties, lunches and dinners organised across the city of Sydney also offer seafood in its varied forms and kinds. In fact, the leading restaurants and other eating places in Sydney and around the Sydney Harbour vie with each other in serving a wide variety of delicious seafood which the harbour is famous for!

There are Christmas party cruises operated around the Sydney Harbour during this season. People enjoy these cruises which give them a respite from their usual mundane activities and from the arduous task of preparing the Christmas feast!Magistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats offer Christmas party cruises where vast spreads of choice seafood is freshly prepared onboard and presented with five-star flourish!

Little wonder Christmas is a celebration of seafood, summer and the great outdoors in Sydney!

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