Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blue is the hue in Sydney this New Year’s Eve

Soulful, sexy, sophisticated – they say these three words sum up the spirit of Sydney!

And the colour that reflects this incredible spirit is of course blue – the colour of the shimmering, sparkling waters of the Sydney Harbour and the varying hues of the Sydney sky - from a pale, clear, translucent blue to a deep, intense, velvet blue!

People of Sydney will awaken to and rejoice in this amazing spirit this New Year’s Eve by wearing blue for the celebrations. The celebrations are focused to awaken the spirit of the land, water, sky and people of Sydney - true to the aboriginal beliefs!

So what will you wear this New Year’s Eve?

Something that resembles the azure of the sky with pearl-white clouds scattered all over?

Or the cobalt blue waters of the sea besprinkled with colourful yachts?

Or the silky sapphire night with stars like diamonds strewn across it?

Oh! Well! Whatever! Wear your own touch of blue to add to the mood of the hour and enjoy the spirit of Sydney!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Fun Day at Coogee

Christmas is here and it is time for loads of shopping and a lot of fun with family!

This is precisely the right time to take a weekend break with your family as a prelude to the heaps of fun you are inevitably going to have for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, if you are in Sydney especially! Coogee Beach would be an ideal choice of place and the 5th of December – the Coogee Family Fun Day – would be the ideal day.

With heaps of shopping, live entertainment, numerous rides and a variety of food stalls, both adults and kids can have a lively and interesting weekend at the Coogee Beach! Santa’s appearance would be the highlight of the weekend and kids can have fun with Santa and take snaps with him to preserve the memory of the day until next Christmas!

Nickelodeon Slime Time Show is a major feature of the day, all profits made from which will go to Sydney Children’s Foundation, Randwick.

If you can’t make it for the Family Fun Day, go on any other day, for, Coogee Beach is full of fun on any day! Surfing, swimming and trying out some of the exciting eating places will take care of your whole day, but you could always stay back for more! There are accommodation facilities available to suit all expectations!
While daytime in Coogee Beach can be enjoyable with coastal walks, lazy strolls in the lush parklands and umpteen picnic activities, nightlife is thrilling with exciting bars and hotels!