Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Party Dinner Cruises

In Sydney, Christmas is in summer, and the best time of the year in Sydney begins several weeks before Christmas.

One can feel and breathe the spirit of Christmas in the air! Every corner and every street of the city and every shop window reminds one of Christmas! One may find a Santa cab driver with a Christmas tree set up in the boot of his cab and the entire interior of the cab made to look like valleys of snow with fluffy white cotton and other accessories! The shops sport, in addition to Santa caps and robes, Santa gowns, Santa dresses, Santa swimming trunks and even Santa bikinis!

Sydney Harbour, as at all times, is the most happening and the most attractive place in Sydney around Christmas too! The pubs, restaurants and shopping centres on the waterfront buzz with Christmas specials. The sparkling harbour is all the more so during Christmas time! A cruise on the harbour gives one the best of the harbour experiences with its spectacular views and a peek into the busy hubs around the harbour.

Board a luxury dinner cruise to make the most of the harbour experience. If you are planning to throw a party for Christmas, hire a deck on the catamaran Magistic Cruises or the paddle wheeler Sydney Showboats. Or hire the entire boat if you have a big group or if you wish for more exclusivity.

A party cruise on the harbour would be the best Christmas gift your family and friends ever enjoyed!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s time for parties and it’s time for gifts, for Christmas is just around the corner.

I have searched high and low and all around, year after year, to buy something that’s different for those who have made a difference to me! Surely, gifts bought off the shelf can’t be that specially special as they are too easily forgettable. They are likely to get outdated. And they will definitely get worn out!

The only thing that never gets old is a memory – a memory of a very special experience! It stays fresh in one’s mind forever and ever, and never fades, grows old or outdated! Like quality time spent with dear ones, and the joy when you feel cared for and that you are special – these are moments that will be cherished forever!

Gift a Sydney Harbour Lunch or Dinner Cruise to your dear and near and very special ones! This would be a very unique Christmas gift – the only one of its kind in Sydney!

Sydney Harbour is amazing by day and spectacular by night, and a cruise would be the best way to make the best of the harbour!

Gift a relaxed cruise on the sophisticated Magistic catamaran that serves a deliciously extensive buffet freshly prepared on board! The spread includes a variety of seafood dishes and desserts with fruits too! And what’s more, one can glide past the best views in Sydney!

A luxury Showboat cruise on a classic paddle wheeler serves up, besides fabulous dinner a la carte, some sensational live performances of music, dance and magic! Add to that the breath-taking views of the harbour and one has the most stunning harbour experience in Sydney!

Gift your loved ones and friends a memory that would be treasured forever!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gift a Sydney Harbour cruise – an ideal gift idea

Special occasions are too many and gift ideas too less.

Special people in our lives are not too many, however selecting gifts for them always turns out to be a chore that is tedious, difficult, disappointing and disheartening - selecting ideal gifts, that is.

So what would you consider an ideal gift?

A gift that is unique?

A gift that is memorable?

A gift that you can take pride in giving?

A gift that one would love to receive?

A gift that would be cherished always?

A gift that would be enjoyed and experienced and not thrown away?

Magistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats gift vouchers fulfil all this and more! Choose between a Magistic Lunch or a Dinner Cruise for a delicious buffet and a memorable cruise around the spectacular Sydney Harbour! Or just gift the dear one a Sydney Showboat Dinner Cruise with a live stage show and a la carte dinner!

Have no doubt, the gift and you will be remembered for a lifetime!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Red hot sale of a sizzling Showboat dinner cruise!

Make the most of an incredibly hot sale of an incredibly sizzling showboat dinner cruise at incredibly low prices!
The sale offers Sydney Showboat dinner cruise at a $100 discount on the ticket price plus free beer, wine soft drinks and juices for the duration of the cruise! In other words, the price of a ticket is just $88 including cruise, dinner, drinks and show!
The Showboat Dinner Cruise includes a 3-hour cruise around the spectacular Sydney Harbour gliding past the Sydney icons – the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge – and other amazing views! Dinner includes a 3-course a la carte menu freshly prepared by expert chefs on board!
To match the spirit of the event, there will be an unlimited supply of beer, wine, soft drinks and juices for the entire duration of the cruise!
The one-hour international show, the Voyage of Love, will add passion while the captivating magic show and the clever table magic tricks will add fun and flavour to the evening!
If you are a small group of less than four, you can avail of coach transfer from selected CBD hotels.
The sale will be on for just 60 hours, if the tickets don’t get sold out before that, so book online to avoid needless waste of effort and precious time!
Hurry! Make a dash for it before you are too late and the red hot offer goes absolutely cold!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Luminous Sydney, Vivid Sydney!

Vivid Sydney is a festival that celebrates everything creative – music, art, theatre ...and lights!
Yes, lights! During this festival, Sydney shines not only with creative talents but also with fantastic arrays of light – on the historic buildings, cultural landmarks and world famous icons, in the streets and lanes and every bit of space that is available in Sydney!
Lighting the Sails is an event that not only Sydney but the whole world waits for every year during Vivid Sydney. The event features lighting up the sails of the Sydney Opera House in different hues!
In 2009, Brian Eno painted a series of colourful designs of light on the oyster-shell rooves of the world famous icon as millions watched in wonder, their hearts pausing with every change of image! The images of the sails splattered with multitudes of colours splashed across the media the world over!
The Sydney Harbour presents the best views of the Opera House as it gets drenched in a pleasing chaos of shifting colours and images. All this in the backdrop of a sparkling, dazzling, glittering city skyline that would sparkle, dazzle and glitter this year like never before!
Enjoy the lights, the views and the harbour from a cruising showboat! The sizzling live dance show on board would add excitement to the experience of the evening! And sign off the evening with delicious a la carte and choice beverages!

This year, the festival will be organised under the curatorship of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, the musician-artist duo. And sure enough, Sydney, the harbour and the harbour cruise will remain vivid in your memory for years to come!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Cruise Party Sydney Harbour

Sydney Showboats and Magistic Cruises offers free Kids cruise during Easter long weekend. The offer is valid for dinner and lunch cruise from Friday 2nd April 2010 to Monday 5th April 2010. Click on the images to book online.

Sydney Showboats Dinner Cruise
Magistic Dinner Cruises
Magistic Lunch Cruises

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother’s Day Lunch Cruise

This Mother’s Day, spend a few precious hours with your mother over a special lunch in a special setting. Take her to the best restaurant in Sydney, which could be a waterfront restaurant around the Sydney Harbour, or better still, why not take her on a cruising restaurant to enjoy a delicious seafood lunch in the backdrop of the beautiful harbour?

Gift her the experience of fine dining in sophisticated, luxurious surroundings while cruising around the most beautiful natural harbour of the world!

Sydney Harbour is known for its spectacular views, and the best way to enjoy the views is from a cruise boat. The cruise glides past the Sydney Opera House and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and close to the Fort Denison, the Lady Macquarie’s Chair, the beautiful waterfront mansions, the several bays around the harbour, the numerous islands strewn across the harbour and many other known landmarks of Sydney.

Enjoy a memorable lunch with your mother who has cooked all those yummy, delightful meals for you throughout your childhood until you grew wings to fly away!
Relax over a long, lazy lunch and laugh and cry over the memories of shared experiences!

Relive the happiness of being together, while cruising around the most spectacular harbour!

Show your mother how much you care for her!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sydney Harbour Earth Hour Dinner Cruise

There is no place like the Sydney Harbour in Sydney during the night hours – and that’s especially true for the Earth Hour! And there’s no better place than a plush cruising restaurant to enjoy the unique experience of the Earth Hour!

On 27th March of 2010, as lights go down for the Earth Hour all over the world, the business houses and homes around the Sydney Harbour will also contribute their teeny bit to save the world. The lights around the Sydney Harbour will go down at 8:30 pm to come slowly back alive at 9:30 pm.

Why not enjoy the solemn occasion by being at the harbour to watch the beauty of the Sydney Harbour in a whole new light? In the light of a shining moon and countless number of twinkling stars strewn across a dark, deep sky! And the amazing reflection of the moonlight and the stars on the shimmering harbour waters! A dark night reflecting its true beauty without the interventions of human art!

Though the shoreline and the waterfront locales are good venues, there is no better setting than a gorgeous cruising restaurant to enjoy the enchantment of the night during the Earth Hour! Make it a romantic rendezvous with a fine dining experience on a special beautiful night that comes, alas, just once a year! Great wine and good food with choice seafood would just make it the night of nights!

And don’t miss the rare spectacle of the Sydney Harbour slowly lighting up after the Earth Hour!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sail on a wave of romance this Valentine’s Day!

Delicious food, the finest wine and beautiful romantic music to dance with your valentine!

Spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour, the leisure of a cruise, its luxurious comfort and loveful languor!

Not to mention champagne, roses and chocolates!

What more would you want on your Valentine’s Day?

And what if you had it all on your Valentine’s Day?

If you sweethearts are really dreaming of all this for your Valentine’s Day, all you need to do is this.

Just descend from your daydreams and book two seats on the best Sydney Harbour Cruise available!

Seats are fast selling out so you had better make a dash for it!

And then promptly climb back on to your romantic dream cloud and wait for that very special day!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sydney Harbour - a seaplane view and a cruise boat experience

Sydney Harbour looks equally beautiful from the sky as well as from the deck of a boat.

A seaplane can give one a bird’s eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in the setting of the sparkling blue waters of the harbour and the beautiful city around it! The magnificent string of beaches that adorn the coastline of Sydney present a strikingly pretty picture from a seaplane.

A lazy cruise around the Sydney Harbour, gliding past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as well as Fort Denison and the innumerable bays and sightseeing spots, whether by day or by night, is however an interesting as well as romantic experience. There are luxury cruise boats that pamper you with their comfort and spoil you with their food and wine. These cruises offer entertainment with dance and music as well. You can stroll across the deck and feel the cool breeze in your hair. If you are aboard an evening cruise, you can compare the twinkling stars with the dazzling city lights and be ever confused which is prettier!

While the views from a seaplane can be breathtaking, the experience of the harbour from aboard a cruise boat is exceptional! So why not enjoy the Sydney Harbour from both - a seaplane as well as a cruise boat!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrate Aussie Day on a Sydney Harbour Cruise!

With Sydney Harbour being the most happening place in Sydney on Australia Day, where else to celebrate the day other than on a Sydney Harbour cruise?

The race of the First Fleet ferries, the Ferrython, begins close to the Sydney Opera House, courses around the Shark Island, heads to Watson’s Bay and then returns to finish under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Australia Day Parade showcasing all kinds of vessels, geared up to look their best, begins from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, continues past Sydney Opera House and Clark Island, reaches Bradley’s Head and then turns back to the Harbour Bridge. Prizes are given away for the best dressed boats in different categories such as the charter boats, working boats, small boats, etc. Besides, there are prizes for the best theme and the best flag display. It is interesting to watch how the vessels outdo one another in their battle for these honourable titles!

It is amazing to watch the pilots of the RAAF presenting their superior skills through the aerial display. The deep dives and the patterns they create across the sky above the harbour have been a constant source of wonder for the spectators around the harbour over the years.

The Tall Ships always portray a picture that evokes nostalgia, romance, and mystery! Imagine a fleet of Tall Ships participating in a race across the beautiful Sydney Harbour! The race starts at Bradley’s Head and ends under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And imagine you being aboard one of these Tall Ships and being part of the thrilling race!

Just like tall ships evoke fond memories of a bygone era, the sight of a yacht arouses a sense of longing for adventure or romance or both! A yacht has always been and will always be a thing of beauty and joy! The Australia Day Regatta showcases yachts young and old, classic old charmers as well as new modern stunners!

After a fitting finale of spectacular fireworks, Sydney finally calls it a day! Another eventful Australia Day to be celebrated in a truly Aussie way!

Hurry and book your seats on a Sydney Harbour cruise, if you have not done so already, and sail right into the heart of all the action, excitement and adventure!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aussie BBQ on Aussie Day!

Australia Day is a celebration of the nation and everything essentially Australian. Of all Aussie Day celebrations, those around the Sydney Harbour are the most spectacular with the presence of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to add beauty and distinction to the events.

Ferrython, the race of the First Fleet ferries, has been keeping the Aussie spirits high for the last 30 years. The Tall Ships race is also much looked forward to by the adventure and outdoors-loving Aussies. The Australia Day Parade, where different watercraft compete with each other for the Best Dressed Vessel title, adds spice to the events. The fireworks display is the grand finale with which the events come to a close on the Sydney Harbour. All these events are best experienced from a cruise that takes one close to all the excitement and frenzy.

Another feature of the Australia Day that is completely and absolutely Australian is the BBQ. In Hyde Park, which is popularly known as Sydney’s Biggest Backyard, amidst live entertainment from the Great Aussie BBQ stage, Sydneysiders and visitors will enjoy various delicacies of Hereford beef. Meeting Hereford graziers, watching cooking demonstrations and guessing the weight of Hank the Hereford bull contest are some of other highlights of the day.

After all, just how Aussie can Aussie be without the outdoors and a barbie?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Australia Day is just around the corner and so is the Ferrython!

After having astounded the world with its spectacular New Year Eve celebrations, Sydney is getting ready to celebrate its national day, the Australia Day, which falls on January 26, 2010. On this day, the whole of Australia joins in national spirit to celebrate its history, heritage and identity.

Among all cities of Australia, Sydney is the most famous for its highly spirited celebrations of the Australia Day. The celebrations in Sydney also stand out as they are more or less concentrated around the Sydney Harbour, in the vicinity of the iconic landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Ferrython, a race of the ferries, is the biggest highlight of Sydney’s Australia Day celebrations. The race begins near the Sydney Opera House with the firing of the ancient cannon at Fort Denison. The ferries go around the Shark Island and further on towards Watson’s Bay to return to the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is the finishing point of the race.

The Australia Day Parade of vessels decked out to look their best is another highlight of the day where watercraft of all shapes, sizes and kinds compete for the Best Dressed Vessel title.

Sydneysiders as well as tourists rush to make sure they are at the best vantage points much earlier to the actual race so that they get a direct, uninterrupted view of the race. Though there are several points on the foreshores from where you can watch the race, the cruise boats are always the best vantage points for all festive activities around the harbour, as they can take you closest to all the thrill and action!