Friday, November 6, 2009

Thematic displays of Sydney New Year’s Eve

Sydney is rightfully known as the New Year’s Eve capital of the world, with its spectacular fireworks that surpass all of its kind in the rest of world and the thematic lighting and fireworks that leave the world gasping in wonder!

On the Eve, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the cruises that participate in the Harbour of Light Parade and each and every nook, corner and crevice around the Sydney Harbour is decorated with lights. Every year, the lighting on the bridge has a new thematic display. The cruises that join the parade also are decorated according to a theme chosen months before. The synchronised fireworks set off from barges, buildings and different locations on the bridge with wondrous precision also display a specific message every year. The message or the theme displayed by the lighting and fireworks on the bridge has been colloquially called the ‘bridge effect’ by the Sydneysiders.

The most famous bridge effects in the past years have been the ‘Smiley’ in 1998, ‘Eternity’ in copperplate writing in 1999, the ‘Dove of Peace’ in 2002, the ‘Love Heart’ in 2005, the ‘Coathanger’ and the ‘Diamond’ in 2006, the ‘Sand Timer’ in 2007 and ‘the Sun’ in 2008.

Every year, the framework for the effect is visible months before the event which leaves the public wondering and speculating on what that year’s would be.

As the day nears, the excitement, the anticipation and the suspense builds up as the world awaits the event with bated breath!

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