Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spring in Sydney

While spring is the best time of the year anywhere in the world, spring is rather special in Sydney. Spring is generally cool, though towards late spring, it grows warmer.

During early spring, the weather is just great in Sydney for a walking expedition. At The Rocks, at the southern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the buildings remind one of a historic past, and the souvenir shops reflect a cultural past as well as a glorious present!

Explore Chinatown on foot! Gorge on a wide yummy variety of Chinese food at restaurants that stay open late into the night! The Chinese temples are worth a re-look even if you have seen them before.

Head for the beaches, for this is the best time for trying your skill at surfing and skiing! Play beach games or just laze around and enjoy the sun – there’s nowhere like the beaches in Sydney and that too during the spring!

Take a ferry ride or enjoy a romantic cruise around the Sydney Harbour!

Take a monorail tour of Darling Harbour before you choose just where to step in – a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a boutique?

Most assuredly, in Sydney, one finds a spring in every step!

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