Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crave Sydney

Come September, folks in Sydney are gearing up for Crave Sydney, a festival that spreads across October, celebrating life in Sydney in all its moods, colours and emotions. The festival is full of fun, food, art, music, dance and entertainment , celebrating the unique lifestyle and attitude of Sydney and Sydney-dwellers.

Just in case there are folks out there who don’t know what this strange festival is all about, as the name suggests, the festival is a celebration of life and yearning. Food, art, music, dance or just plain fun - anything is available to your heart’s content. While the food fairs bring in delightfully diverse goodies from across the world, the art events present aesthetic images of life in Sydney and its various memorable moments. In October, Darling Harbour is the world’s hottest venue for live music, dance and entertainment, not to mention exotic food. The lanes and streets of Sydney CBD feature refreshing ideas of healthy and sustainable living with novel living style designs, landscapes, and what not. Seven Bridges Walk and Breakfast on the Bridge are some of the other fun-filled and sporting events. The Sydney Harbour has its own share of festivities and fun, including cruising, food, and music and dance.

So, folks, if you are footloose and carefree, there is no other place to be in like Sydney in October!!

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